MapleStone A Non-Profit Special Purpose School Providing Innovative Approaches to Education

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Themed Learning

MapleStone consists of several themed based learning experiences.

  Outdoor Adventure

     This theme area combines physical outdoor activities and mental challenges to encourage students to learn new skills, gain self-confidence and explore new emotions. Central to this theme is the use of a certified student constructed Ropes Course combining both high and low elements. The “Just Do It” attitude of this theme challenges the students to experience life in a constructive and positive manner.


Carpentry/Environmental Science 

      From rough framing to post & beam construction, along with carpentry and finish work techniques, these themes offer the opportunity for students to learn multiple carpentry disciplines. Theme projects from furniture to buildings to solar collectors are designed to challenge students and emphasize the importance of project completion and quality.


  Animal Science/Farm Machinery

     In this theme area, students receive riding instruction and learn basic horsemanship skills to facilitate personal empowerment, self confidence and self esteem. Students will be involved in a hands-on approach to learning animal science, focusing on equine studies in anatomy, physiology, health, horse psychology and stable management. Students also learn about and safely use farm equipment including tractors, trucks and mini-excavators.


Mechanics/Machine Shop Programs 

      These themes offer an exposure to general mechanics, welding and fabrication. Students learn to service and repair a wide variety of equipment including small engines, tractors, trucks and automobiles. A Bridgeport, lathe, press, drill press and metal saw are used to fabricate parts in the machine shop to within .005 of an inch. The sky (or the budget) is the limit as to what can be created.


  Forestry Conservation 

     This theme covers all aspects of the forest. Harvesting, milling and building with trees from a managed woodlot are emphasized. Students become aware of the forest as a vital part of our community and planet, including awareness of wildlife habitat, tree and plant habitat, water resources and the general well being of our forests.


In addition to the Academics offered through the Main Themes, MapleStone offers instruction in:

Literacy - with a literacy specialist

Driver's Permit/License

Co-Op/Work Study Program - offered through local businesses for Seniors



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