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This is where you can check in to see what new is happening at MapleStone. Our wish list is below too. Please check back often.


    Students at MapleStone recently worked on a community service project for Three Rivers Land Trust. The following will be appearing in the Three Rivers Land Trust newsletter.






UPDATE: JANUARY 2014: Students continue to work on the Hobbs Farm putting in a parking lot for visitors. The hiking trails lead to a great view of rivers and some awesome wildlife. The work is ongoing - clearing fields and eradicating invasive plants.  Please stop by and take a look!!!

During the spring of 2011, Three Rivers Land Trust acquired the fields at Hobbs Farm in Acton. Nils Pearson of MapleStone Farm approached 3RLT in order to facilitate the restoration of the fields.  The primary goal was to bring the existing fields to an organic, functioning hayfield.

 In the fall of 2012, with the assistance of Nils Pearson, MapleStone (school) students began the first steps in restoring the hayfields. The fields were infested with European Bittersweet, Rosa Rugosa and a farm pond that was in decline. The students began by clearing the trees around the pond and continued with the ongoing effort to minimize the invasive species.  Other parts of the field were cleared and the slash was chipped.  

While the students were clearing, they discovered old metal parts of tractors, trailers, oil cans, barrels. Some of the metal pieces that were found revealed history of the farm. There were pieces of a two-stage water pump which used to feed the water from the pond to the barn, along with pieces of a windmill.   

As it happened, an opportunity arose for the students to participate in selling hand made products for a holiday fair in November. As ideas flowed to create pieces from each group at MapleStone, some of the metal that was found at the Hobbs Farm began to take a new form with the help of the Mechanicís group.  The studentsí pieces became unique creations as each one was welded together- creatures, robots, functional art to name a few. Their original works were well received at the holiday fair which inspired a new level of involvement on the studentís part.  

MapleStone is a non-profit special purpose school located in Acton. We would like to expand on our fundraising opportunities. Anyone who has old pieces of metal or any operational (or non-operational) tools that they would like donate to the school, please contact us at (207) 477-2829.






MapleStone has started a wish list of items that would help in our programs. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and as a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation will be tax deductible.

Some suggestions:

 Wood chipper (for brush)

 Drill Press

 Jig Saw

 Climbing Rope

 Wood Chisels


∑    Straw Brooms  

 10Ē Compound Miter Saw

Old metal to make tools, parts and  creative art projects are always welcomed.

To make donations, please contact us at (207) 477-2829 to make arrangements for either drop off or pick up.

Thank you.


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